Viallisia käsisoihtuja markkinoilla

Omistatko Pains Wessexin valkoisia MK7-käsisoihtuja? Jos kyllä, lue ihmeessä lisää.. Huom! Maahantuojan mukaan viallisia sohtuja ei ole myyty Suomessa.

Product Recall

White Handheld Flares Called Back

Yachting Monthy (As Amended By ISAF), 13 April 2006

A UK Health and Safety Executive and Trading Standards investigation has been launched in Great Britain following the serious injury of a Yachtmaster Instructor who was demonstrating a white handheld flare.

The 51 year old married yachtsman suffered severe burns and broken bones to his hand and arm before the metal tube entered his abdomen and burst out through his back causing internal injuries.

Steve LUCAS, general manager of Pains Wessex Safety Systems, has issued a product recall on white collision warning (MK7) hand flares, Lot number: 2045 and 2046 and product number: 52651. They have an expiry date of 12/08.

He said, ‘A batch of this product could malfunction with a risk of personal injury.’ The product numbers can be found ink-jetted on the tubes of the flares.

The Pains Wessex White Collision Warning (MK 7) Hand Flare is sold on its own and are also contained as a part of the Collision Warn-Off Kit and the ORC RORC Distress Kit. Check if you have a flare with either Lot Number. If so, do not use it but return it immediately to the place of purchase where it will be replaced.

If you are unable to return to it to the place of purchase, take it to your nearest chandler, or telephone Pains Wessex + 44 2392 623962 or email

Simon Forbes
Technical Manager

ISAF Secretariat
Phone: +44 (0)2380 682840
Fax: +44 (0)2380 635789

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