Royal Ocean Cup 2014

Alla lisätietoa elokuussa 2014 Kööpenhaminassa kisattavasta avomerijoukkuekilpailusta.

The Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY) is pleased to announce the dates, the location,
and a revised Notice of Race have now been decided for the Royal Ocean Cup 2014.
This offshore event featuring national teams will take place from 27-30 August 2014
and will be sailed on the waters outside Tuborg Harbor, a short distance to the north
of the city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Racing will be between three-boat teams, with the teams divided into two groups
– one representing national teams and one representing teams that are formed by
boats from different countries. Each team will consist of one boat in Class 1 (<590
sec/mi GPH), one boat in Class 2 (575,0 to 609,0 sec/mi GPH) and one boat in Class
3 (600 to 699,9 sec/mi GPH). Handicaps will be using the ORCi rating system, and
the race format will be a combination of windward-leeward races and an offshore

The winner of the Royal Ocean Cup will be the national team with the lowest
combined score, while the mixed national teams will race for the Copenhagen

 “The vision of KDY is to create an event that will – like the Admirals Cup in past
decades – take place every second year from the same location,” said Lars Ive,
Vice Commodore of KDY. “Our initial attempt to organize this event for September
2013 to be held at Nexoe Harbor on Bornholm was unsuccessful due to a variety of
factors: the remote location and lack of easy access, timing that was too late in the
season, guidelines for team selection that were too strict, and having a one-design
boat on each team made participation difficult.

“We believe this new format will be much easier and attractive for teams to
participate from throughout the Baltic region. And for the next event the idea is to
hold the Royal Ocean Cup immediately after the 2016 ORC World Championship,
which is proposed to also be held at Tuborg Harbor, since this year will mark the
150th anniversary of the Royal Danish Yacht Club.”

 The new Notice of Race and preliminary team entry form are posted on the event

website at

 Questions can be emailed to or contact Lars Ive directly on +45

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