ORC 2008 säännöt

ORCn vuoden 2008 sääntökokoelma löytyy nyt ORCn sivuilta. Sekä Tiedostot-Kilpapurjehdus-ORCi, ORC Club-osiosta .
Milan, 6th May 2008

Dear ORC Congress & Committees members,

It is my pleasure to announce that new ORC 2008 Rules are ready for download
at http://www.orc.org.

The IMS 2007 book and its sections have been re-arranged in three documents:
IMS 2008, ORC Rating Rules 2008 and Green Book 2008. This work has been
more complex than anticipated, given the layers of changes and new concepts
that have been accumulated in the 30 years of development of both the IMS and
IOR, which remains the core of the new IMS measurement platform.

We thank all concerned, especially our boat owners, for their enthusiasm at
embracing this new rule and their patience in awaiting it to be available in
published form. We are confident the wait will have been worthwhile and that the
simplification and clarification work performed will be appreciated.

There will be no printed version of these Rules, as they are downloadable for free
from this web site to be saved and printed as needed. Compliance with IMS Rule
304 (a copy of the Rules must be on board while racing) can thus be fulfilled by
having the pdf file on a computer, palm top or any other device taken on board
while racing.

Due to the major overhaul, some clarifications or updates may be required in the
course of the coming months. And whenever any corrections may become
necessary, these will be published on the ORC website.

This was the final step to introduce the new ORC Rating Systems and
transeferring the IMS to the measurement platform together with a completely
new sowftare for the Rating Officers as decided by the Congress at the 2007
AGM. Thousands of certificates already issued worldwide this year are the proof
that we are going in right direction.

I wish you all a very succesful ORC International and ORC Club 2008 season.

Kind regards

Bruno Finzi

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