“RMS files contain all the data needed for calculating race results under the ORC International and Club rating systems, and they can be read by various scoring software packages available, such as Altura, Velum, ZW, and soon other scoring packages as well.

Race organizers can download from this page the RMS files necessary to enter competitors in their races by downloading the files of the complete fleets of the relevant rating office.”

Please note that the use of RMS files does not replace the owner’s obligation to present a valid ORC certificate before entering any race.

“The RMS files provide digital input for all scoring data included in the certificate. Beyond scoring purposes, the RMS files are also available to anyone interested to study the boats’ relative performances.

The data included in each RMS file presented here is the latest received by the ORC central database from the individual ORC Rating offices and updated with each new certificate issued while Rating Office is connected to the internet. However, there may be some certificates that are issued but not yet delivered to the ORC central database. In such cases race organizers should contact the relevant rating office directly.”

ORC Standard: