IMS 670 EM Itämerellä

IMS 670 EM-kisat järjestetään tänä vuonna Itämerellä, KSSSn toimesta…

IMS 670 in the Baltic region.

Dear Sailing enthusiast,

The possibility to compete with our sailing yachts is thru respite systems, which do not give a perfect comparison but hopefully a fair enough environment. The IOR system was succeeded by IMS, which at least in the Baltic and Mediterranean are the leading respite system.

As always, innovative yacht designers and sailors have tested the limits of IMS. However, IMS is still the best respite system to compare the ability of fairly “slow” sailing yachts. It’s even better when the size of the yachts is limited.

This has lead to the establishment of IMS 600 and more recently IMS 670 classes by ORC (more information on In the IMS 670 class rules there are several restrains written with the ambition to give production racer/cruisers a fair chance in the class. This gives the skill of the crew in boat handling a more highlighted position.

IMS 670 has fast established itself in the Mediterranean region and the last IMS 670 worlds gathered a competitive flotilla ( During the ORC meeting in Helsinki it was clear that the support of production yachts is an important part of the success and the rule was strengthened in that area. The IMS 670 class is the first possibility for racer/cruisers to compete in a competitive environment since the ton cups in the IOR era.

Thanks to the fact that the IMS 670 European championships are held in our region both 2007 and 2008, a group of Swedish sailors have gathered with the ambition to establish the IMS 670 as an active class. The IMS 670 European championships 2007 are held in the region of Stockholm by KSSS from 23´rd to 28´th of July and the 2008 championships will be held by GKSS in the region of Gothenburg.

The ambition is to have more than 20 yachts at the IMS 670 championships, but as all interested sailors know, bigger fields are a lot more fun! We therefore invite IMS-sailors in other countries in the region to help us with this ambition. Together we can create more competitive sailing, have more fun and strengthen the value of our yachts. We will support you in any way we can! Please contact us on

For further information and to register for the IMS 670 European championships, visit the web sites and

We are looking forward to meet you on the water and in reality.

Stefan Peterson 

Roger Chudi
Dehler 36

Hans Broman
First 36,7

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